Moby Dick Marathon

Today we present a marathon reading of Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick presented by Canios Cultural Café.
Canio Pavone founded Canios Books on Main Street  Sag Harbor  in 1980. 

In 1983, Mr. Pavone started the yearly Marathon to celebrate Sag Harbor’s seafaring history and its literary tradition. 

The marathon continued until the early 2000s* and was revived this year to celebrate Canio’s 35th anniversary.  Portions of this year’s marathon were recorded on June 12 through 14 at Cano’s Books.

The readers on today's program were:

Susan Weitz, Fred Volkmer, Susan Merrell, Francesca Rheannon, Anik Libby, Molly McKenna, Maryann Calendrille, Bill Chaleff and Canio Pavone.

We begin with Canio Pavone reading from Chapter 1, Loomings.

Listen here:

* Kathryn Szoka of Canios informs: 

"The Marathon ran from mid-80s to mid-90s during Canio's era (1980-99).  In our "era" (1999-2015) we held 2 Marathons in collaboration with JJML in early 2000s.  The 2015 Moby-Dick Marathon was sponsored by Canio's Cultural Cafe (501c3), to celebrate  Canio's Books 35th & Southampton Town's 375th anniversary.  If was the first Moveable MOBY:  6 Locations **, 163 Readers, 28 Hours, ONE book.  Stay tuned for Moby-Dick Marathon 2017.
** SH Cultural District partners: Bay Street, Eastville Community Historical Society, John Jermain Memorial Library, Old Whaler's Church, Whaling Museum.

This program was produced with the essential aid of Maryann Calendrille and Kathryn Szoka of Canio's Books

Music on today's program is by Stephen Sanfilippo, previously heard on East End Ink.

More selections from the marathon reading recorded at Canios Books will be available here on line.

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