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Earth Day special: Orion Magazine’s 30th anniversary issue.

Recorded in September 2012 at Canios Books, Sag Harbor, but never broadcast The readers are Sara Gordon, Megan Chaskey, Scott Chaskey, Gordian Raacke and Carl Safina.   Listen  here A  complete version of the reading , introduced by Canios Book's Kathryn Szoka, and with reader Sandy Ferguson is  here The Readers: Sara Gordon   is a  planning and conservation consultant at Sylvester Manor educational farm on  Shelter Island, NY  Her recent project is a novel waste-water treatment system  Megan Chaskey is a poet, author, musician and integrated healer. Scott Chaskey is the Director of Quail Hill Farm, one of the original Community Supported  Agriculture farms in the United States and author most recently of Seedtime: On the History,  Husbandry, Politics, and Promise of Seeds Rodale, 2014. Sandy Ferguson is vice president of Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt in Sag Harbor/Sagaponack,NY Gordian Raacke is founder and executive director of Renewable Ener