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The Time Of The Night

Today we present the work of poet and art critic Gerrit Henry. who died in New York City in 2003 at age 52. Henry’s friends, poets and publishers, gathered at Canios Books in Sag Harbor in March 2012 to celebrate the publication of The Time of the Night,  published by Groundwater Press in April 2011.   It was edited by Marc Cohen with a foreword by John Ashbery. The readers were Marc Cohen, Susan Baran, Star Black, Tom Bridenbach, Connie Fox, Eugene Richie, Joseph Richie and Roseanne Wasserman.  Eugene Richie and Roseanne Wasserman are the publishers of Groundwater Press. They were recorded at Canios Books, Sag Harbor in March 2012. Gerrit Henry’s poetry collections also include THE LECTURER'S ARIA (The Groundwater Press, 1989), ''The Mirrored Clubs of Hell: Poems by Gerrit Henry'' (Little, Brown & Company, 1991) and ''Couplets and Ballads'' (Dolphin, 1998). Listen here