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Poems for Gaza - 2014

The 2014 Gaza war was a military operation launched by Israel on July 8 in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, after rocket fire from Gaza struck Israel. In August 2014, as the war continued, east end writers and friends met to exchange thoughts, poetry and prayers at Incarnation Lutheran church in Water Mill. The program was organized by poet Pamela Kallimanis and poet, teacher and activist Kathy Engel.   It was hosted by Incarnation minister Reverend Katrina Foster. listen here     Heard were Kathy Engel, Pamela Kallimanis, Kimberly Wilder, Sigrid Meinel , Clare Coss, Blanche Weisen Cook, and the former minister at Incarnation Lutheran Church, Reverend Katrina Foster. The program was dedicated to the victims of the Gaza war which began in July 2014. Before the war ended on August 23, at least 2,125 Gazans were killed and over 10,000 were wounded, including over 3000 children. 66 Israeli soldiers, and 5 Israeli civilians were killed   The UN es