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Poets Star Black and Rosalind Brenner

Star Black and Rosalind Brenner, two poets who are also visual artists, read their work.   Recorded at Canios Cultural Café in Sag Harbor in April 2012.  Ms. Brenner’s work includes:  All That’s Left: Poems and Paintings published by Art House Press  and  Omega’s Garden , a compendium of women’s voices from Finishing Line Press   Star Black’s collection “ Veliety’s Shade ” . was published by Saturnalia Books.  listen here Listen to earlier East End Ink program podcasts at:

Writers Resist - East End Writers at Stony Brook / Southampton

On Sunday January 15  writers   across the U.S. gathered to speak out in a program called Writers Resist At the Southampton Campus of Stony Brook University on Long Island 12 area writers read their work and the work of others  in a program  organized by the poet and teacher Julie Sheehan. the readers and their readings were: Part 1   Listen here:  Roger Rosenblatt:   Don't Love Thy Neighbor              Listen here:  Adrienne Unger:   Impounded - Dorothea Lange and the Censored Images  of Japanese-American Internment and her poem Impounded Listen here:  Ursala Hegi :  Michelle Obama's advice and excerpt from her work Stones from the River     Listen here:  Afua Ansong :    poems by Lucille Clifton and her own  Listen here:   Megan and Scott Chaskey : writings by Oren Lyons, Native-American Faithkeeper,  Robert Kennedy, Wendell Berry and Scott Chaskey's Seedtime Listen here:  Grace Schulman: Inscription by Emma Lazarus and Schulman's