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Poets Daniel Thomas Moran and Anne Sager

Today we present poets Daniel Thomas Moran and Anne Sager.  They were recorded this past summer at the 20 th annual Poetry Marathon at the East Hampton Town Marine Museum in Amagansett, New York. Dr. Moran is a past Suffolk County, New York poet laureate.  He was also a Clinical Assistant Professor of General Dentistry at Boston University. Works by Daniel Thomas Moran include In Praise of August   (Canio’s Editions 1999),   From HiLo to Willow Pond   (Street Press   2002),  and The Book of Moran   (Asinine Poetry   2007) His latest collection is   A Shed for Wood , published this year by Salmon Poetry, County Clare, Ireland. The broadcast also includes Dr. Moran reading "Newtown" recorded by Salmon Poetry. Poet Anne Sager is also a photographer, whose work depicts a diverse world including migrant workers, Hamptons artists and the abstract quality of architecture. Poet Philip Appleman wrote “Anne Sager’s poems face up to life stoically and playfully”