Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Writers Resist - East End Writers at Stony Brook / Southampton

On Sunday January 15 writers across the U.S. gathered to speak out in a program called Writers Resist

At the Southampton Campus of Stony Brook University on Long Island
12 area writers read their work and the work of others in a program 
organized by the poet and teacher Julie Sheehan.

the readers and their readings were:

Part 1 

Listen here: Roger Rosenblatt:   Don't Love Thy Neighbor           

Listen here: Ursala Hegi:  Michelle Obama's advice and excerpt from her work Stones from the River    

Listen here: Afua Ansong poems by Lucille Clifton and her own 

Listen here: Megan and Scott Chaskey: writings by Oren Lyons, Native-American Faithkeeper, Robert Kennedy, Wendell Berry and Scott Chaskey's Seedtime

Listen here: Grace Schulman: Inscription by Emma Lazarus and Schulman's poem Blue Dawn

Part 2