Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Women's History Day

Tonight, we present a celebration of women who made a difference.

The program was recorded at Canios Book, Sag Harbor in March 2017.

The speakers were Tippy Fortune, Barbara Moss, Gloria Primm Brown, Sigrid Meinel and Tinka Topping

Listen here

the complete program as recorded at Canio's will be posted here soon

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Poetry of Bill Knott

We present the work of the late poet Bill Knott, read by poets Star Black and Bill Zavatsky and Maryann Calendrille of Canios Books in Sag Harbor, where the program was recorded in April, 2017.

Here is Maryann Calendrille introducing the work.

Star Black is a poet, photographer, and artist. She has authored six collections of poetry and currently teaches in the MFA program at Stony Brook Southampton.
Her most recent collection is Velleity's Shade  with art work by Bill Knott – (Saturnalia Books 2010)

Bill Zavatsky, a Bridgeport native, is a poet, journalist, jazz pianist,and translator. His most recent poetry collection is Where X Marks the Spot, Hanging Loose Press, 2006

"The collection of Bill Knott's work I Am Flying into Myself, edited by the late poet Thomas Lux, was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in 2017."

We quote from Tom Lux's "Note on Text and Methods" on page XXXI of the FSG volume: 
"I took almost all the poems in this volume from a book Bill Knott published through called Collected Poetry 1960–2014, less than three weeks before he died. There are 964 poems in that collection; 152 poems are in this volume."

Thanks to Star Black for these program notes.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis

Tonight, we present author Joe Dolce talking about his book,Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis published by Harper Collins in October, 2016.

Dolce spoke last November at Canios Books, Sag Harbor.

Here is Kathryn Szoka of Canios to introduce the program:

listen here:

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bloomsday 2016

East End Ink presents Irish–born actress Kate Mueth, Southampton Press Executive Editor Joseph Shaw and East End Beacon Editor Beth Young in Bloomsday, a tribute to James Joyce’s Ulysses. 

The program was recorded June 16, 2016 at Canio’s Books, Sag Harbor.  

Ulysses chronicles the peripatetic appointments and encounters of its hero, Leopold Bloom in Dublin in the course of an ordinary day, June 16, 1904. 

That date is celebrated every year around the world with readings from the book. It was celebrated last June in Sag Harbor at Canios Books.  We couldn’t wait for another June to bring it to you. 

Listen here

The program was edited for broadcast.  

A complete version of Ms. Mueth's reading is here.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2016 Poetry Marathon

This is East End Ink             

Tonight we present nine east end poets recorded in August 2016 at the Poetry Marathon in Amagansett.

Last summer’s Marathon was dedicated to Sylvia Chavkin and Bebe Antell who organized the marathon for 22 years at the East Hampton Town Marine Museum. 

The 2016 event was organized by Springs poet Dee Slavutin.

The readers were:

Carol Stone, Jo Carney, Rosalind Brenner, Walter Donway, Pauline Yeats, Virginia Walker, Daniel Hayes, Michelle Murphy, and Dee Slavutin.

Here is more information from the East Hampton Star

Next Wednesday March 29 we present Bloomsday 2016 with actress Kate Mueth, journalists Beth Young (East EndBeacon) and Joseph Shaw (Southampton Press). 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Black History and Culture

Here are some short audio segments celebrating Black History and Culture. 
They are part of WPKN Radio's celebration of Black History Month.  

Most were recorded at Canio's Books and the John Jermain Library in Sag Harbor:

Listen here:

 1: JoAnne Carter reads Langston Hughes - recorded Feb 2012
 2: Mikhal Gohring - the life and work of Etheridge Knight

 3: Zohra Neale Hurston and Etheridge Knight

 4: Sag Harbor Poets Beverly Wiggins-Wells and Barbara Whitehead Brewster    

 5: Bob Zellner - A White Southerner in the Freedom Movement: Family History  

 6: Alice Walker reads Sojourner Truth's speech "Ain't I a Woman"
Part of a reading from Voices of a People's History of the United States - introduced by the late historian Howard Zinn. 

 7: James Baldwin - The Price of The Ticket produced by California Newsreel

8: Yale Historian David Blight on Fredrick Douglass

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Poets Star Black and Rosalind Brenner

Star Black and Rosalind Brenner, two poets who are also visual artists, read their work.  Recorded at Canios Cultural Café in Sag Harbor in April 2012. 

Ms. Brenner’s work includes: All That’s Left: Poems and Paintings published by Art House Press  and Omega’s Garden, a compendium of women’s voices from Finishing Line Press  

Star Black’s collection Veliety’s Shade. was published by Saturnalia Books. 

Listen to earlier East End Ink program podcasts at:

Writers Resist - East End Writers at Stony Brook / Southampton

On Sunday January 15 writers across the U.S. gathered to speak out in a program called Writers Resist

At the Southampton Campus of Stony Brook University on Long Island
12 area writers read their work and the work of others in a program 
organized by the poet and teacher Julie Sheehan.

the readers and their readings were:

Part 1 

Listen here: Roger Rosenblatt:   Don't Love Thy Neighbor           

Listen here: Ursala Hegi:  Michelle Obama's advice and excerpt from her work Stones from the River    

Listen here: Afua Ansong poems by Lucille Clifton and her own 

Listen here: Megan and Scott Chaskey: writings by Oren Lyons, Native-American Faithkeeper, Robert Kennedy, Wendell Berry and Scott Chaskey's Seedtime

Listen here: Grace Schulman: Inscription by Emma Lazarus and Schulman's poem Blue Dawn

Part 2

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

O. Henry's Christmas Gift

East End Ink presents "O. Henry's Christmas Gift", two short stories, "The Cop and the Anthem" and "The Gift of the Magi", read by Diana Heinlein and David Houston.

Recorded at Southampton's Rogers Memorial Library. 

Listen here

Information about David Houston's literary readings for schools and libraries is available at

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Easter 1916

"Easter 1916" W B Yeats' poem about the 1916 Rising, plus a tribute to James Connolly and other fallen soldiers of the defeated Irish rebellion. 
Heard are Scott Chaskey, Kevin Coffey, Richard Lawless, Rob and Dylan Cleary - reading the Proclamation, and Terrance Sullivan with a song about the rising.

Recorded in April 2016 at Canios Books, Sag Harbor.

Listen here 

Upcoming events on Irish History:

Monday, December 5 at 6:30 p.m. a film screening of Michael Collins, first in a Canio’s Cinema Series on Irish History at the Hampton Library, 2478 Main St. Bridgehampton :

Friday, December 9 at 6 p.m. A discussion of the film Michael Collins, led by Irish history buff, Richard Lawless, at Canios Books, 290 Main St. Sag Harbor.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Yorker Copy Editors Tell All

New Yorker copy editors Ann Goldstein and Mary Norris spoke about their work at Canios Books in Sag Harbor in September this year.

Ann Goldstein is the head of the editorial department at The New Yorker.  She is also known as the translator of Italian writers including novelist Elena Ferrante and novelist and poet Primo Levi.

Mary Norris is the author of the recent book Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen.

Listen here

Mary Norris’ book Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen was published by W.W. Norton 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Daniel Mendelsohn: Poetry of C.P. Cavafy

Literary critic and translator Daniel Mendelsohn presents the work of the Alexandrian Greek poet C.P. Cavafy. 

This program was recorded in August 2012 at Canios Books, Sag Harbor.

Daniel Mendelsohn was introduced by Canio’s Maryann Callendrille. 

Daniel Mendelsohn’s work of translation: C. P. Cavafy: Complete Poems was published by Knopf in 2012.
His other work includes: The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million from Harper Collins, in 2013
and Waiting for the Barbarians: Essays from the Classics to Pop Culture, from New York Review of Books in 2012

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jules Feiffer - "Cousin Joseph"

Cartoonist, playwright, illustrator and novelist Jules Feiffer talks about his work and writing his latest graphic novel, “Cousin Joseph”, set in the 1930s, but really about today.

More from Jules Feiffer:

Jules Feiffer talked about his career and read from his work, collected in Out of Line, at Canio’s Books in Sag Harbor in June 2015.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Walt Whitman: Leaves of Grass

On May 21, 2016 Canios Cultural Cafe in Sag Harbor presented a marathon community reading of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman was born in West Hills, Huntington Town, Long Island in May 1819.

Whitman published Leaves of Grass in 1855, and revised it several times before his death, in Camden, New Jersey in 1892. 

We present portions of the 8 hour reading from the so-called Deathbed version published in 1892.

Part 1:

The readers are Canio Pavone, Julie Sheehan, Karen Campbell, Sigrid Meinel and Jeanne Merkel. 

Part 2: 

The selections are from Song of The Open Road, Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, Europe, Drum Taps, and the final sections.

The readers are Ellen Wright, Paul Battista, David Margolick, Kathy Engel, Christine Morro and Scott Chaskey.

Listen here: