Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ted Rall - Snowden

Today we present political cartoonist and author Ted Rall talking about his graphic novel Snowden about the NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden.

Here is Ted Rall as recorded last month at the Amagansett, New York Free Library.  

Mr. Rall answered questions from the audience:

The full Q&A session is here

Snowden was published by Seven Stories Press in September 2015. 

Other published works by Ted Rall work include:

After We Kill You, We Will Welcome You As Honored Guests: Unembedded in Afghanistan (2013 by Farrar, Strauss Giroux


Silk Road to Ruin: Why Central Asia is the Next Middle East from graphic novel publisher NBM

Ted Rall’s cartoons and commentaries are on-line at  www.rall.com